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Dream big
We make the impossible possible by dreaming big to solve our customers' problems and improve their businesses.
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It's all about the team; being inclusive, respectful, and sharing our knowledge to empower all for personal growth.
Make it happen
We are "doers" who value getting results and don't overthink matters. No putting things off - let's get it done now.
Keep it simple
Things stay simple when you are honest, open, and act with integrity. Eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground.

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We care for you, your growth, your future, and your personal life. Our actions aim to improve your knowledge, plus you get peace of mind as we ensure a proper work & personal life balance for each of our employees.

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Promotino's journey to revolutionizing IT with team-centric innovation

Since our start in a dormitory in 2012, Promotino has charted a course through innovation, launching key products like Visual Debug and Night Eye, and expanding into blockchain and productivity tools.

Our growth reflects our core mission: to revolutionize IT by empowering teams and enhancing efficiency. With each new venture, like the recent introduction of Horenso, we reaffirm our commitment to leading the charge in IT innovation, driving forward with a focus on team productivity and industry advancement.

Foundation and First Steps (2012-2015)
2012: Dormitory Beginnings
2013: First Office Transition
2014: Supermarket SaaS Launch
2015: Agricultural ERP Solution
Expansion and Success (2016-2019)
2016: Visual Debug Inception
2018: Night Eye MVP Development
2019: Night Eye Launch & Success
Diversification and Growth (2020-Present)
2020: Relanote Introduction & Sale
2021: Blockchain Solutions & Drive Password
2022-2023: Product & Team Expansion
2024: Horenso Launch & Growth

Empowering IT Teams

We are revolutionizing the IT industry by maximizing team potential from the ground up. Our approach focuses on empowering individuals to excel within their immediate teams, leading to overall company growth.
Stan Dimitrov
CEO of Promotino

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