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Using Visual Debug, teams see a 40% reduction in time spent on locating and understanding feedback issues, a 50% improvement in issue resolution speed, and a 30% increase in overall project delivery efficiency, streamlining the feedback loop and enhancing team productivity.

Web project efficiency

Visual Debug revolutionizes the way front-end teams collaborate on web projects, providing a seamless platform for capturing and implementing visual feedback directly where it's needed, thus enhancing project accuracy and team synergy.
              Visual Debug has transformed our front-end development process, making feedback integration swift and precise, greatly enhancing our team's productivity and project outcomes.

Jim Tompkins, Senior Front-End Developer

After integrating Drive Password, teams report a 30% decrease in time spent managing passwords, a 50% reduction in password-related security incidents, and a 40% increase in team efficiency when accessing shared resources, showcasing the tool's effectiveness in streamlining password management and enhancing data security.

Team password management

Drive Password redefines secure access for teams fully invested in Google Workspace, offering a streamlined, centralized solution for managing passwords and sensitive information, enhancing both security and efficiency.
              The familiar Google Workspace interface in Drive Password has significantly simplified how our team manages sensitive information, making it intuitive and seamless

Sarah Chen, IT Security Manager

After implementing Horenso, teams observed a 50% reduction in the number of reminders needed by team leads, a 60% faster rate of information collection, and a 70% increase in response rates compared to previous methods of gathering information, demonstrating a significant boost in efficiency and team productivity.

Optimizing team communication

Horenso revolutionizes team coordination by simplifying the information collection process, offering customizable forms, seamless integration with preferred communication platforms, and consistent reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
              Horenso's persistent reminders have been a game-changer, eliminating the need for constant follow-ups and ensuring timely form submissions, greatly boosting our project efficiency.

Alexandra Reed, Product Manager

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