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Visual Debug

Transform your IT team's frontend development with powerful visual debugging.
  • Offers real-time visual feedback for debugging
  • Speeds up issue identification and resolution
  • Significantly improves communication between developers and clients
  • Reduces technical debt by catching errors early


Revolutionize your IT team's approach to standups and updates with Horenso.

  • Customizable forms replace daily and weekly live standups
  • Seamless integration with ITSM tools for streamlined updates
  • Automated reminders keep tasks and updates on track
  • Enhances project insight through streamlined data analysis

Drive Password

Secure your IT infrastructure with a centralized password manager for Google Workspace.

  • Centralizes password management for IT systems
  • Offers robust encryption for storing sensitive credentials
  • Facilitates secure access management for IT teams
  • Minimizes security risks associated with password handling

Night Eye

Enable dark mode across all web tools and sites, easing the IT team's screen time.

  • Mitigates eye strain for IT professionals during long hours
  • Allows customization of dark mode for any website
  • Improves the nocturnal work environment for the IT support
  • Promotes healthier work habits in low-light conditions


Maximize your team's online efficiency by eliminating distractions from any website.

  • Hides ads and sponsored content across most websites
  • Streamlines web navigation for IT teams
  • Improves focus by reducing visual clutter
  • Enhances overall productivity during online research and tasks

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