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Discover the future of productivity and precision in project management with our latest innovations. Promo Slides and Explainify are set to redefine how sales teams engage and how project managers translate client needs into actionable technical requirements, seamlessly blending efficiency with insight.

Explainity Graph

Streamline your project management with Explainify, the software that turns client requests into clear, technical requirements.

Explainify is an essential tool for project managers and development teams, simplifying the transition from client requests to detailed technical specifications.

By allowing PMs to input client requests and refine them with clarifying templates, Explainify ensures that every detail is captured and understood. Once finalized, it generates a comprehensive list of technical requirements, providing developers with a clear framework and facilitating accurate time estimates for project completion.

This process not only clarifies the client's needs but also streamlines the development process, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and to the client's satisfaction.

Explainify bridges the gap between conceptual ideas and technical execution, making it an invaluable asset for project success.

Promo Slides

Revolutionize your sales process with Promo Slides, the interactive offer builder designed to enhance engagement and insight.

Promo Slides is a groundbreaking tool that transforms how sales teams create offers. By enabling the construction of beautiful, robust proposals, it not only captivates the client's attention but also provides invaluable insights into their engagement and decision-making processes.

This platform seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs, ensuring a fluid experience from proposal to close. With Promo Slides, sales professionals can track user interactions, making it easier to tailor follow-ups and close deals more effectively.

This innovative approach not only streamlines the sales process but also elevates the customer experience, offering a competitive edge in the fast-paced sales environment.

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