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What’s in It for You?

Commission rewards

Earn commissions for promoting and integrating our products within your network.

Professional recognition

Gain recognition within your company for introducing innovative solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced skill set

Develop valuable skills in product integration, promotion, and project management, enhancing your professional profile.

Expert guidance

Receive comprehensive training and support from our experienced team.
Partnering with Promotino advances your career by positioning you as a leader in innovation. Your efforts in promoting our solutions will earn you commissions, recognition, and exclusive access to advancements. This is your chance to shine, lead, and make a significant impact. Embrace the challenge and inspire success.

How to Promote Promotino’s Products in Your Company


Share Information

Emails: Send a brief email to your colleagues introducing Promotino's products and how they can benefit the company.

Internal Newsletters: Include a section about Promotino in your company’s newsletter.


Share Information

Team Meetings: Present a quick demo during regular team meetings to show how Promotino can enhance productivity.

Webinars: Host a short webinar or lunch-and-learn session.


Use Internal Communication Channels

Intranet Posts: Write a post for your company’s intranet.

Chat Platforms: Share information on internal chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Pilot Program

Small-Scale Test: Suggest starting with a small-scale pilot in one department and collect feedback.


Engage Decision-Makers

One-on-One Meetings: Set up brief meetings with key decision-makers to discuss the potential benefits.
We will provide you with all the necessary materials required to complete the above tasks and will be with you every step of the way.

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