The client testing process

the final stage before completing a website project

  • This is the Google Translate for client-developer communication.
    Kalin Georgiev
    Project Manager at RAZORlabs
  • It saves me tons of unclear emails and time spent wondering what the client meant.
  • Brilliant piece of software that has gone beyond just "snap a screen shot" feedback tools.
    Slav Dimitrov
    Prisma Advertising Agency

The whole communication
in one place

No more emails, no more dropbox, no more mess!

Feedback, comments and questions are sorted out for each reported bug. Both sides can easily track the progress and complete the project in a quicker and more efficient way.

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Quick debug

Less time spent on finding the problem, more time spent on fixing it..

Debuggie provides wide range of information that helps you solve the majority of possible problems. Not only that, it points out the flaw directly into the source code.

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Step by step

See what exactly the client has done to encounter the problem.

Debuggie recreates the testers' input step by step up until the point she reported something is wrong. It is extremely valuable in all situations where the user would have to input some information.

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Find out what makes Debuggie so practical and reliable service for web developers!

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Get your hands dirty and fix some bugs that an imaginary client of yours has found on a test web page.

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  • Easy to be used by non-technical testers
  • Saves developers time and resources
  • Affordable price even for freelancers
  • Money back guarantee!

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